Within and around Hellendoorn there is a lot to discover. Whether you like active sports, peaceful nature or educational activities for kids, there is something for everybody!

Activities and Events

  1. Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug

    Visit the information centre, where you can learn about nature, geology and history in the area. Fun for both kids and adults. Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug Grotestraat 281, 7441GS Nijverdal 0031548 612711

  2. 2

    Outdoor Centre The Wilgenweard

    Unforgettable getaways! Sportive-, challenging- , entertainment, teambuilding activities nad more on a unique location! The Wilgenweard is located on the edge of the forest and hills of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Directly behind our building you’ll find the smallest river in The Netherlands “De Regge”. We use this beautiful surrounding for most of our activities. Outdoor Centre The Wilgenweard, Sportlaan 6, 7443 RA Nijverdal, 0031548681338

  3. Swimming Pool Het Ravijn

    The swimming pool in Nijverdal is equipped with modern facilities and a range of pools to accommodate anyone, whether you want to exercise or have fun with the whole family. There is a shallow pool to play in for toddlers and young children, and a water slide for the older ones. The indoor pools are opened throughout the year. The outdoor pools are opened from the middle of May till September. Swimming pool Het Ravijn Piet Heinweg 16, 7441GZ Nijverdal 0031548 613516

  4. Kartplaza Actionworld

    There is a range of thrilling experiences waiting for you at Kartplaza Actionworld. The options include go-kart racing, bowling, laser tag, paintball, and wall climbing. Kartplaza Actionworld Energiestraat 6, 7442DA Nijverdal 0031548 621003

  5. Children's hiking trail

    Starting at Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug, there is hiking trail especially for children. The trail lets children follow the wooden squirrels to all of the playsets along the way. The trail is 2 km long and will be fun for children of all ages! For more information, contact Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug.  

  6. 6

    Play nature OERRR

    Water pump, sand, climbing tree, strolling track, flowers and animals. What else do you need? Come to the play nature of OERRR at Erve De Pas and indulge yourself! You can climb, jump, mess with water and sand, hide, discover creatures and of course build beautiful huts. If you come in May or June, the rhododendrons bloom beautifully pink! Erve de Pas, Molenweg 2, 7448 RE Haarle


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