Water Activities

Aside from hiking and bike riding, you can also enjoy the Regge and its surroundings on the water. Possible boating activities include canoeing, hiring a typically Dutch ‘whisper boat’ or ‘zomp’, supping or hiring a pedalo.

Book a ‘whisper boat’ on Landgoed Schuilenburg, go on a water adventure or enjoy a BBQ on the water! Landgoed Schuilenburg also rents out canoes and pedalos. Landgoed Schuilenburg offers many opportunities for boat hire and other fun activities. For more information, times and prices (in Dutch), visit www.schuilenburg.nl or call 0548-681782.

De Wilgenweard in Nijverdal offers many package deals for activities on and around the river Regge. You can participate in a raft building competition, do a Regge survival course or go canoeing or supping. During summer, you can go on the water in the evening during Canoe by Night. For more information, times and prices, click here.

About 200 years ago, around 120 ‘zompen’, which are old Dutch boats, sailed on the river Regge. The Regge was as important in those days as the motorway A1 is now. Even now, going by ‘zomp’ is a special experience. Get on board this summer and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the newly restored meanders in the river. The inclined planes make a trip by ‘zomp’ even more exciting. There are two weirs between Rijssen and Hancate, in Zuna en Overwater, which you can pass with the help of an inclined plane. The skipper will steer the boat onto a flatbed container on a set of tracks. The on-board batteries will pull the container over the fish ladder.

In the boathouse behind the ice cream factory Ben & Jerry's, you will find the zomp ‘De Schuttevaer’. From Wednesdays to Saturdays in July and August you can embark between 11:00 and 16:00, no reservation needed. For more information and to make a group booking, contact the tourist information office in Nijverdal at 0031548612729 or at info@visitnijverdal.nl.


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