Network of cycling routes

There are extensive and uniformly signposted networks of cycling routes in both Twente and Salland. The routes are connected through a system of junctions, which can be used to change from one route to another.

The scenery of Twente and Salland offers plenty of diversity within cycling distance: the slopes and hills in National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug, the countryside and the surroundings of the rivers IJssel and Regge. Cycling in the countryside, you can see farmers on their tractors, charming estates, cattle and sheep in the pasture, farmer’s shops with local products and places to catch your breath, where you may meet friendly locals. In this area you can enjoy the wide, open views which are rare in the Netherlands, as well as the serenity in the national park.

In short, Salland and Twente are best discovered by bike! In total, the network consists of almost 1900 km of cycling routes.

More information on the network of cycling routes and maps can be found at the tourist information office in Hellendoorn and Nijverdal.


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