National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug

National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug is one of the biggest uninterrupted nature reserves in Europe. The park’s high points offer beautiful views throughout the year. In the Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug, which is the gateway to the national park, you can find information on the diverse flora and fauna in the park. You can also visit the extraordinary observatory with its telescopes, Sky Walk and planetarium. The Toeristenweg road leads you from Nijverdal to Holten through the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Be aware, though, that this is only possible during the road’s opening hours.

The park, which is around 35 square kilometers, is owned and managed by Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten and a few private owners. All owners work together in managing and planning the area. The IVN organisation coordinates and implements most of the communication and education for and about the national park, as it does for the other national parks in the Netherlands.

Access to the Area
National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug has several points of entry. Information points with parking can be found at the following locations:

  • The main information point Nijverdalseberg (located at the Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug in the north of the area)
  • The main information point Holterberg (located at Nature Museum Holterberg in the south of the area)
  • Information point Noetsele (located at the Noetselerberg campsite in the east of the area)
  • Information point Sprengenberg (located at Erve De Pas near Haarle in the west of the area)
  • Local information point Helhuizen (located at Helhuizerweg road in the west of the area)
  • Local information point Zuidbroek (located at Bathemerweg road in the west of the area)
  • Local information point Numendal (located in the south of the area)
  • Local information point Holterberg recreation ground (Staatsbosbeheer daytime campsite)

Difficulty walking
There is dedicated parking for those with a parking permit for disabled drivers at local information point Noetselerberg (viewpoint). Drivers aged 65 and up are permitted to park here as well if they have a permit. There are two types of permits; a permit for one day and a permit for a whole year. For more information or to obtain a permit please contact the Visitor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug.
We can also highly recommend a ride on the Heideslak vehicle! This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the woods and the beautiful views on the Noetselerberg for those who have walking difficulties.

By public transport: via railway station Nijverdal, operated by Syntus. There is a regular bus service between the railway station, Outdoor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug and Haarle. Find out more about public transport at or By car: enter the following address in your navigation system: Grotestraat 281, 7441 GS, Nijverdal. Free parking.


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