Reggedal Twente

The River Regge
Come and discover the restored river Regge. The Regge is a dynamic river that is meandering again like it used to do long ago. The Regge surroundings are as attractive to humans as they are to numerous plants and animals. Enjoy the serene silence and the beautiful scenery. The river Regge offers numerous opportunities for a wonderful day out or an active holiday. There are several different companies that rent out canoes. You can also choose to discover the Regge in a so-called ‘whisper boat’, which is an open boat powered by an electric motor. Going on the water allows you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings from a whole new perspective.The beautiful views over the fields and forests will soothe even the most agitated minds. Anglers can indulge in fishing in the clean and clear Regge water, which is full of fish. Unwind at the babbling water of the river Regge. It will definitely be worth your time!


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