Network of walking trails

The region of Twente provides an extensive network of walking trails, which allows the visitor to discover the beautiful Twente scenery. Old and new routes are connected within this network to form 455 routes in total. This adds up to a total of 3500 km of walking trails.

The routes are connected through a clever system of signposting. A circular route around the city of Enschede has been added to the network recently.

All trails have been signposted both ways using square, wooden posts on which the colours of the routes and the long distance walking trails are shown. It is possible to switch to a differently coloured route at any one of the numbered junction signposts along the way.

There are 1275 of these junctions in total. Using this network, routes and trails can be connected endlessly. Short walks, half day, full day and multiple day hikes or themed routes: everything is possible in Twente. Almost all long distance walking trails have been included in the network.

Several maps and trail guides can be bought at the tourist information office in Hellendoorn and Nijverdal.


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